Virtual University Final Term Short Notes All Subjects

Final term Short Notes

Virtual University Final Term Short Notes All Subjects in Pdf

Final term Short NotesDownload Virtual University Final Term Short Notes all Subjects for Finalterm Exams of Virtual University. Short Notes are the best way to study. Short notes are much better than long notes. It helps you to revise the topic very effectively. It should contain, Headings with a little bit of explanation of it, Small mind maps, Examples of the topic & Formulae, etc. I myself prefer writing rather than typing or reading from a book. But if you have an exam the very next day there is no point in making notes. Notes are made for revision or a quick understanding of the concept. You have an exam yesterday, probably you won’t read the chapter again so there is no point in making notes. Better to study it directly and make notes after the exam, if there is a need. After revision of the subject, start preparing short notes. By that time you will have a fair idea of the type of questions asked in the exam. If you prepare before revision, then you will end up putting too many unnecessary things on it and it won’t serve the purpose of short notes. The most important thing to get good marks is to understand the concept very well. Always, see that you read the text very well, in a louder manner. You have to read the same chapter at least or more than 3 times before your exam. While reading the first time, read slowly, understand the core of the para and start highlighting or underlining the keywords. While the second time also, you’ve to read it slowly and understand the paragraph. The third time you can start reading the important topic of the pages, and write a short note that will help you before Exams.


  • First, read the entire theory available regarding a particular topic and underline important points while studying.
  • Then read those underlined lines again and try to note them down in your own words please don’t forget to include the keywords they are very important.
  • Note down all formulae.
  • Draw diagrams that are self-explanatory instead of writing huge paragraphs.

Download Virtual University Final Term Short Notes All Subjects

Here You Can Download Virtual University Final term Short Notes All subjects For Preparation Of your Final term Exams, Click on the link below:-

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sadia tehreem
sadia tehreem
3 months ago

Its really good,five stars. thanks