Free Digital Marketing Course for University Students

free digital marketing course for university students

Free Digital Marketing Course For University Students In Pakistan

free digital marketing course for university studentsThis site provide Free Digital Marketing Course for University Students in Pakistan & All over the world. DigiSkills Training Program is Pakistan’s first Online Training Program to empower the youth with skills that are in-demand in freelance market. It consists of multiple online skill-based training courses. The very unique feature of this program is that the course content has been designed specifically for a Pakistani audience in a mix of Urdu-English language.  This Program is an initiative of the Government of Pakistan spearheaded by Ministry of IT & Telecom through Ignite – National Technology Fund and executed by Virtual University of Pakistan. This is an online training program. Once you sign up for this program and enroll the courses, you get access to DigiSkills Online Learning Management System. On LMS all modules videos and content you are enrolled in will be available. You can access it from anywhere, like from your home or office, all you need is a computer with Internet connectivity. You can self-pace the training or you can follow the announced time table which will be available on Portal.

The Aim Of Digital Marketing Course

This course aims to provide students a deeper understanding of planning of a digital marketing campaign and the role of various digital channels in achieving that goal through integrated marketing communication. It starts by building a foundation through digital marketing strategy and helps trainees to acquire a set of concepts and tools to digitally create, distribute and promote products and services. Whether you are a business owner, a freelancer, a job seeker, a working professional, a student, or a housewife, this course is for you.

If you have a Smartphone or a computer, chances are that you already know and use the internet. It only makes sense that you also learn the art of promoting yourself or your business and start making money from the internet. If that sounds like a good idea, this course will help you understand digital marketing and how you can get started as a beginner and become a pro at digital marketing and start earning online or grow your business.

Completion Criteria to Get E-Certificate

The course related study material, videos and all related links such as, Course Website, Announcements, and Discussions etc. will be accessible after the start of the batch. We encourage you to sign up and you will automatically be notified once the batch starts. According to course completion criteria, trainees will need to secure 50% score to become eligible for E-certificate.

  • Watching Topic Videos through LMS = 60%
  • Quizzes = 25%
  • Hands-on Exercises = 15%

Registration of free course click on the link

Free Videos

After completing this course, a Student will be able to:-

  • Understand the importance of Communication in Digital Marketing
  • Develop Digital Marketing Strategy
  • Understand the Basics of Content and its significance in Digital Marketing
  • Do Social Media Marketing on platform like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube
  • Do Search Engine Marketing using Google Ads
  • Do Email Marketing on Mail Chimp
  • Understand the Importance of Analytics in Digital Marketing and how to analyze data

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