CS507 Today Midterm Paper Spring 2023

CS507 Midterm Papers Spring 2023


CS507 Midterm Papers Spring 2023

On this site, you can download Virtual University midterm papers, handouts, and quizzes for All subjects with references by Mooaz, Waqar Siddh, and other students and everyone needs past papers for their better preparation in Exam days.  But they didn’t find the right place for past papers. Here You can download CS507 Midterm Papers Spring 2023 and Other subject papers shared by Virtual University Students.

CS507 Midterm Papers Spring 2023

Mcqs most were From and related to the file( CS507 20 midterm solved papers.


  1. there are four components of the expert system, Enlist any three, (3 marks)
  2. how a company can record its physical documents efficiently? Suggest a system(3 marks) and CBIS or CIM
  3. Write characteristics of structured decision-making. (3 marks)
  4. Mr. Tahir is the new manager of the pharmaceutical company…… same to same GDB no.1(5 marks)
  5. Enlist subsystems of the Manufacturing Information System. (5 marks)
  6. Write down the names of criteria to identify Large organizations? (5 marks).

Here You Can also download CS507 Midterm Papers shared by Virtual university Students, Like Waqar Siddhu, Moaaz, and Other brilliant Students. Click on the link below:-

Here You Can Also Download:-

We are working to collect and prepare past papers on every subject of the virtual university. I am also a student of Virtual University; according to my observation, about 70% of my paper has come from past papers. This is a great opportunity for you to get prepare for the exam through past papers and get good marks in your midterm exams.

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